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Whether you are just starting out or you growing your business and you want some help the friendly and professional team Pembertown can assist. Are you looking to increase your profits and also minimise your tax? Or perhaps you’re just setting up and need to build the right structure?

Either way, running a business is certainly hard work, so it definitely pays to have someone in your corner working as hard as you for your success. Pembertown’s team of expert advisors can take your business from unsatisfying to amazing using our years of experience and knowledge to compliment your skills, dreams and visions

The great news is that our team of accountants, business advisors, insurance brokers and finance brokers are here to help you turn your business into a powerhouse performer. And the even better news is we’re provide your first business consultation Complimentary!

We are here to help you with all aspects of your business and really want to understand your particular needs, and can assist with all of your business needs. Here are just a few of the services that we can assist you with.

Business Improvement

Business success doesn’t happen by accident: your business should apply the same level of strategic rigour that is used by the world’s leading companies. No matter how big or small your business is the fundamental business principles still apply, it’s imperative that you develop the market-leading frame of mind and supporting business processes to achieve your full business to potential. By leveraging strategic business thinking and actionable business plans, you can benefit from higher growth, bigger profits, and enhanced clarity and control over the future of your business. You will develop a more valuable and profitable business that people would love to buy and you are proud to own– thereby maximising your sale value!

Business Accounting

We go beyond just counting the beans and crunching the numbers and will focus on being your trusted business advisory partner to help you reach your goals. Our enthusiastic team of professionals will help you boost growth, increase profitability, and minimise tax through our specialist advice and innovative service. We are experts in business systems and technology and have all the tools to achieve maximum efficiencies and save you time from the non profit activities in your business We optimise your business in every aspect including cash flow management, reporting, benchmarking, projections, financial modelling, feasibility studies, business planning and tax services. Whether you’re running a large corporation or a sole trader venture, we can help you to maximise your business value, both now and into the future.

Business Tax Returns

Tap into our extensive business tax experience and have your business tax returns handled by our highly experienced and capable team. We’ll provide you with tax minimisation strategies tailored to your unique business circumstances, allowing you to maximise profits and re-invest the savings back into your business. With specialised experience in all areas of taxation, our valued business clients include sole traders, partnerships, trust accounts, and corporations. No matter how big or small your operation, your taxation needs will be solved with the same care and attention we bring to our own business.

Business Finance

If you’re seeking finance to fund your business growth aspirations or meet your cash flow requirements then Pembertown is here to help. Our team of solution-oriented and accredited mortgage and finance brokers can get access a wide variety of funders for all your business finance requirements. We have access to all types of finance including everything from business loans to vehicle and equipment finance, debtor finance, commercial loans and insurance premium funding. Our team of finance experts make sure that your business funding solution is also aligned with your wider business objectives. For more information, call 1800 803 017 or apply online here.

Business Structures

Unfortunately there are many risks in business even for the savviest of owners. Building your business with strong foundations is critical for you to utilise the optimal business structure for your needs. Our team of expert advisors will ensure that your business structure is well-equipped to deal with the challenges of business, especially enabling you to protect your assets, minimise your tax, and maximise your profits. Each different type of business structure comes with its own financial, legal, and taxation implications, so it’s critical that you understand the advantages and disadvantages with each. We take the time to ensure the decision about what structure is right for you and fully considers your unique particular circumstances. It’s crucial that your business structure can carry your business safely forward and sets you up for future success. Having the right structure in place prevents your assets being at risk and minimises your risk of paying a lot more income tax or capital gains tax than required.

Business Tax Planning

Tax planning is critical for you to take control of the taxation process and develop strategies to minimise your tax. Our team of experts develop an in-depth understanding of the estimated tax payable based on your current circumstances in advance before the end of the FY so that there’s enough time left to make some effective changes. We constantly work with you to develop tax planning options and design business strategies to simultaneously help save on your tax obligations and also build business value. In today’s challenging business and taxation environment it is critical to have insight into your projected circumstances so that you can plan your business with confidence in knowing what the future holds.

Buying A Business And Due Diligence

If you’re planning on buying a business then you’re about to launch into a world that’s full of opportunity but can be very risky if all of the factors and possible outcomes aren’t fully considered. We utilise our full suite of professional experience to help you evaluate your purchasing decision and facilitate a positive transaction. We’ll help you with due diligence by preparing a full 360 degree view of the business, with everything from market research, to operational reviews, evaluation of liabilities, financial analysis, competitive analysis, and projections for future performance. If everything stacks up then we can help you with the negotiation process, legal contracts and agreements, financing solutions, business structures, and the establishment of effective systems and processes to help you run a highly efficient operation and maximise growth. In short, if you’re looking to buy a business, then we’ve got all your bases covered.

Starting A Business

If you’re in the process of starting a business then you’re certainly about to begin an incredible ride. But to maximise your prospects for success, it’s important to put the right foot forward from the get-go. This includes establishing a well-designed business structure, creating frameworks for ongoing business improvement, and putting in place tailored succession plans. We can also help you navigate the initial registration procedures, including helping with your initial legal requirements as well as also registrations of business names, trademarks, companies, and trusts. Once you’re up and running with all pistons firing we can then assist with your ongoing compliance requirements, including annual tax returns and ASIC lodgements. You can start your business quickly, efficiently, safely, and cost-effectively with the help of our experienced team.

Financial Statements and Projections

We prepare your financial statements to provide further critical business insight as well as meeting your Australian accounting standards compliance requirements. We use a range of leading edge business software packages to create a series of projections to provide you with the insight you need to evaluate potential outcomes and develop appropriate action plans. Even at the most basic level, it’s incredibly valuable to see how your budget estimates compare to your forecasted profit and loss, balance sheet, cash flow, ratios and statistics. With this level of business awareness you’ll be well armed to tackle future business challenges and capitalise upon your opportunities.

KPIs And Industry Benchmarking

It’s crucial that you can fully understand the numbers and the core drivers of your business and profit circumstances. We’ll help you develop and measure your core KPIs, both financial and non-financial, to provide you with key insight into the factors that are driving your success or constraining your growth. We can then take this even further by helping you access and utilise the leading industry benchmarking statistics, enabling you to understand how your business is placed, perform SWOT analysis and grow your market share. Having this knowledge and knowing how to use it will set you up for competitive success.

Succession Planning

To realise the full value of your business investment and minimise the risk of future complications it’s vital that you establish the groundwork now. How will you make sure that your family and other stakeholders are protected should the unforeseen occur? What are the goals and aspirations of your potential buyers? How will an exit impact on your personal finances and tax affairs? What can be done to maximise the value of your business? There’s a lot to consider and the implications can be significant, so it’s essential to be well-prepared. Whether you’re planning to exit through a trade sale or through IPO, or also if you’re planning to handover to your family or another internal successor, exit planning positions you for a winning transition.

Whatever your requirements, we’d love to help. To run a successful business you need a team of dedicated and enthusiastic people behind you. You can rest assured that with Pembertown you will be supported by a trusted team of professionals who are passionate about your success. The Pembertown team of professionals are fully equiped with a full range of services including personal wealth creation, taxation, finance, property investment, retirement planning, and much more, Pembertown has the solutions you need to drive personal success for both you and your family.

Contact us on 1800 80 30 17 or email for more information.

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