Vehicle & Equipment Finance

Low Rates, No Deposit, Quick Approval

With a large range of lenders at our disposal and rates as low as 4.49%*, we can offer you the best interest rates available in the market. We can help you decide which type of loan is best for you, and tailor a finance schedule to suit your individual circumstances.

Pembertown Finance really is the one-stop-shop for all your finance needs; whether you’re buying new or second hand, from a private individual or a dealership, you can take advantage of no-deposit loans, variable terms and repayments, extremely competitive interest rates and a range of individually tailored finance packages. What’s more, our great service is available to anyone within Australia, no matter where you are!

Car loans

No matter whether you’re planning to buy a used car from a private seller, dealer or auction, or even brand new from a dealership, Pembertown Finance is committed to bringing you the best car loan options Australia-wide. Taking a minute to work out your best finance option could pay dividends. Our expert brokers have access to numerous lenders and offer the best interest rates available. We also have access to a fleet buying service and a network of trusted dealers to make sure you get the best price for your new car. So before the fast talking salesman at the dealership gets you to sign on the dotted line…take a moment to talk to our expert brokers for an obligation free quote. It could save you thousands over the life of the loan!

Caravan loans

Buying your own caravan, motorhome or camper is a great investment due to the freedom it can afford you – at home as well as when you’re on the road. And here at Pembertown Finance we want to do all we can to make sure you get the best finance deal available so you can realise your dream of owning mobile freedom. . You could go to just one lender (for example, a bank) and run the risk of not being approved for such specialised credit or having to accept terms that don’t suit you. Or you could call us and have instant access to expert advice, 30+ lenders, plus additional insurance and warranty products all with just one application!

Boat loans

Being out on the water is an integral part of life for many Australians. As a result, marine finance has become a specialised industry, and one which can be hard to navigate. There are secured and personal finance loan options for individuals who want to buy a boat for personal use, commercial marine loans for companies who use boats as part of their business, and all sorts of other credit options in between. Leisure goods are not the easiest thing to finance and most banks will say no, even if you’re a great existing client of theirs, so we would highly recommend getting expert advice when it comes to such specialised lending. Our team has decades of combined marine finance knowledge and experience. Call us today on 1800 80 30 17 and let us help you every step of the way! We even offer a range of insurance and warranty products to help you protect your new vessel.

Jet Skis

From an individual looking to purchase their first jet ski – or upgrade an old one – to boat dealers/brokers who are looking for vendor finance programs, we can make it all happen!

We have access to a range of products from various lenders, including:

  • Secured personal jet ski loans
  • Unsecured personal loans
  • Private sale PWC loans
  • Pre-approved jet ski loans
  • Jet ski loan refinance options

We’ll advise you on the best loan by comparing offers from up to 30 lenders across Australia!

Bike loans

There’s usually only one reason to buy a motorbike – for the love of riding it. Whilst cars, trucks and vans can often be purchases of necessity, bikes are different. And no matter whether you’re a fan of cruisers or motocross, sports bikes or choppers, if you like to don your helmet and hit the road (or dirt), you’ll understand. So when it’s time to purchase that new Harley, Yamaha, Triumph or Honda (we can finance any model), why not let an expert negotiate the best finance deal for you?

Truck loans

No matter whether you’re planning to buy a used truck from a private seller, dealer or auction, or even brand new truck from a dealership, we can bring you the best truck loan deals Australia-wide.

For more information about our range of finance, insurance and warranty products please contact us on 1800 80 30 17 or apply online here.

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